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About Us


Art is All Foundation (AAF) is a trust founded by an Indian Priest-cum-Artist, Fr. A. Sahaya Belix in 2012.

Art is All Foundation

AAF is independent with no religious or political affiliation. From his own life experience, interest and creativity, the founder has learnt to cherish every effort that goes a long way to help in the achievement of art and design for the betterment of livelihood. AAF brings art and people together for enjoyment, innovation and learning. It strives for creating a place where people from all walks of life can be touched by art. Exhibitions and programs of the AAF are sure to strengthen and sustain the artist community.

Our Team


Our vision to create healthy society through arts and crafts.


Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of adults and children facing life-threatening conditions and their families by:

  • Facilitating charitable activities for aged, the sick and those who are in need of palliative care.

  • Facilitating collaboration with hospice, palliative care providers, organizations, institutions and individuals.

  • Giving counseling and financial support for kidney patients.

  • Providing art therapy for children and youth.      

  • Protecting and preserving the heritage of India.

What We Do

  • To conduct and encourage charitable activities for aged, sick people and those who are in need of palliative care.

  • To promote budding artist, art students and art lovers besides preserving the fading arts.

  • To hold art camps, workshops, healthy entertainments, art therapy and family gatherings.

  • To develop love for nature, neighbors, values through the practice of arts and crafts.

  • To organize exhibitions, competitions, workshops to promote art and crafts.

  • To encourage artistic works in tune with biblical, philosophical and theological perspective in line with cultural ethos of India.

  • To provide reading materials and reference books via Art Library.

  • To provide all kind of art materials through Art Shop.

  • To bring out the hidden artistic talents of every member.

  • To collaborate with the artists in India and abroad for cultural exchange.

  • To spread peace, harmony and to develop mental health, awareness, art meditation and retreat.

  • To conduct stress buster programs for the aged.     

  • To enable people to experience and enjoy nature by organizing eco tours.

  • To preserve the best possible quality of life on earth.

  • To support the sick enabling them to lead an active life.

  • To offer financial support to the families of the sick during the course of their treatment.